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Curbside Photo Booth


FTA Productions would like to invite you to join us in our portrait collage project. We will be taking individual portraits of masked protesters to create a large collage in support of this movement.


We will use the power of the collective to create a piece of art of protest, while also following social distancing guidelines.

Our main focus is to create a safe environment, create community, and spread social awareness through art.

As we continue to support the BLM movement against systemic racism and police brutality by educating ourselves and joining peaceful protests, we also wanted to provide an alternative way to show support for this movement, in a different setting.

We hope that this provides a platform for the POC in our community and all Allies to come together to share their voices and express their protest through this collaborative art project.



Members of the Sonoma County community, we know that many of us are feeling devastated, enraged and helpless about the murder of George Floyd and the ongoing lack of justice in the Country. We want to use our voices and rise up in protest.

We believe that there is no "right" way to protest. As a group of artist, we were inspired to create a form of protest that felt organic and authentic to us. The definition of "Art" is to hold a mirror up to humanity. Art is a reflection of society. Art is often controversial. 


There are many ways to protest. We would like to invite you to participate in our way of taking action through art.


Join us in our peaceful protest portrait photography  project, lead by the incredible Black artist: Marcus Ward & FTA Productions in support for the Black Lives Matter Movement.

Everyone is Welcome! 

Image Downloads Here:


Video Downloads Here:

BLM Protest Art: Behind the Scenes

BLM Protest Slideshow

BLM Protest Art: Protest Slideshow

BLM Testimonial Video

BLM Protest Art: Video Message Montage


Thank you to everyone who came out the RTC Studio in Healdsburg to support this Protest Art Project and help bring Marcus Wards's vision to life! 

The link to access your downloadable Portrait and all other media content will be found on this page! 

We have more events coming soon! 


RTC is honored to be hosting this Protest Art Portrait Event!

Carmen Mitchell: Founder of Redwood Theatre Company & Co-Founder of FTA Productions, takes our on a quick tour through the space.

We are doing our best to provide a safe, positive atmosphere to create some powerful art.



• A mask (preferably black)

• A word/statement describing your feelings.

• Peaceful, Kind, Open Energy!



RTC Studio - 440 Moore Lane. Healdsburg



Friday, June 5th - 3pm-6pm


• Portrait Download 

• Flyer Download 

• Slideshow Video with Full Group

• Video Message Montage 

• Group Mosaic Collage Download 

• Event Highlight Video 

Venmo $ Info 

Support this incredible Black Artist! 

Marcus is donating all of his time & skills to create this project. Any donations would be hugely appreciated! 

Thank You!

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