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American actress, singer-songwriter and professional figure skater. Meet Carmen Maria Mitchell, a multidisciplinary performing artist, producer, and passionate arts activist. 


Discover the intersection of artistry and activism through Carmen’s artistic projects and collaborative endeavors. 

Beyond her artistic endeavors, Carmen is the Founder and Executive Director of Redwood Theatre Company, a 501(c)3 non-profit dedicated to producing professional theatrical productions and hosting youth educational programs. 


Carmen also spearheads FTA (For The Art) Productions, working alongside a collective of passionate filmmakers & multimedia artists to to produce meaningful art and share powerful stories that amplify voices in the community. 


Founder & Executive Director:

 • Redwood Theatre Company 

 • FTA (For The Art) Productions 


 • Redwood Ice Theatre 

 • SOL Community Arts 

 • CollabWERKS


NEW Music

Carmen and her team are thrilled to announce that her first single will be dropping next month.


Followed by her debut EP Album later this fall. 

Produced by Jim Greer : Producer / Songwriter / Musician 

In collaboration with Caitlin Cobb-Vialet & Lynn Asher

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With a background in competitive figure skating and ballet, Carmen's career has evolved to encompass leading roles in musicals, short films, commercials, motion capture projects and professional ice skating shows. Notably, she performed as a principal skater on a National Tour of Disney on Ice. 



Carmen can be seen playing leading roles in many, short films, commercials, musicals, and professional ice skating shows.

Take a glimpse into Carmen's world of music, stage, film, and ice.


Feld Entertainment's Disney On Ice presents "Dare To Dream". Carmen recently performed as a principal skater on a National Tour of Disney on Ice where she originated the debut role of the “Live Host”.


Carmen's impact extends beyond the realms of stage and screen. Passionate about using the arts as a tool for social change, Carmen’s commitment to arts activism is reflected in her advocacy for inclusivity and community empowerment within her projects. 

Carmen works in partnership with arts organizations and community leaders to produce professional theatrical experiences and new meaningful artistic projects.



Carmen actively engages in social justice outreach initiatives, using her platform to uplift marginalized voices and advocate for meaningful change. Through partnerships with local organizations, Carmen produces projects that address issues of inequality and injustice, empowering individuals to tell their stories and advocate for their rights. She looks forward to the opportunities that lie ahead, eager to continue collaborating with kindred artists and organizations to create impactful and meaningful work.

Carmen Maria Mitchell
----  Singer, Actress & Figure Skater ----

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